Larry K. Brown: 8 Course Hans Frei - 1999

After Hans Frei,C34 in the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum. 62 cm. mensur. 11 ribs of cherry, cherry bridge with ebony veneer, Englemann spruce top.


Larry K. Brown: 10 Course Venere - 2001

After Venere. 66 cm. mensur. European spruce top; maple body, neck, and pegboard; rosewood pegs and bridge; ebony bridge cap and ebony veneered fretboard.


Michael Schreiner: “Dutch” 12 - 2002

After Marx Unverdorben, Harvard University Collection of Instruments, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The original lute is much altered and in poor condition but the 13 rib ivory bowl is intact and stable which means that the contour of the bowl is as the builder intended. It provides a beautiful example of an early almond shaped bowl. I am equally enthusiastic about it as the basis for an early 10 course, French 11 and "Dutch" 12. Specifications: 13 ribs of bird's eye maple and ebony. The bowl is 30cm. wide, 47.5 to the neck joint and 15.5 deep. 68 cm fretted string lengths.